Septic Remediation

The 21st Century Approach by NET Septic.



What is Septic Remediation? (aka Drain Field Remediation)

  • Remediation is "the correction of something bad or defective" (see 
  • In terms of septic system remediation this mean you can recover your failing septic system safely and economically.  You could easily save $10,000 to $35,000 or more over the cost of a complete septic system replacement (aka "repair").

How has "remediation" been used in Washington State?

and what are SludgeHammer's credentials?

How can Septic Remediation Help the Homeowner?

  • It isn't just a matter of saving anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000.  Compared to a standard repair that requires extensive excavation the SludgeHammer installs neatly and quickly into your existing septic tank.  This amount of dirt needing to be moved is almost always the difference of a shovel compared to a backhoe and dump truck.
  • Many of our customers don't have an actual failing septic system.  Usually they have observed a neighbor with a costly repair and simply want to improve the performance and aesthetics of their older septic before real problems show up.

Where has SludgeHammer been used  for Commercial or High Strength Wastewater?

  • Of course it can!  NET Septic has been intimately involved in three Washington State Parks installation.
    • Millersylvania State Park, 12245 Tilley Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512
    • Grayland Beach State Park, 3120 WA-105 Grayland, WA 98547 (South of Westport on the coast)
    • ​Paradise Point State Park33914 Northwest Paradise Park Road, Ridgefield, WA 98642

  • Dairy Milk House Waste, Wisconsin  This was a study comparing three commercially available treatment systems:  Nibbler, FAST and Pirana (now SludgeHammer).
  • Under construction, more to come soon...